Sunday, June 8, 2014

Favorites This Week

   Over the next few weeks , I`m going to attempt to capture with the camera some of the plants that particularly grab me in a given week. On this nice June morning, walking around and looking at the progress of  the gardens after being busy the last few days working, a few of them grabbed my eye. Hope you  agree.

Angel`s trumpet-Brugmansia, an interesting purple and white  that I bought unmarked as to cultivar.

Purple Coreopsis. another fairly new planting

A dug-in-the-wild native Passion Vine . I dug this in early spring, transplanted it near the pool fence and attached a four foot section of panel, hoping it would grab it. It has and I think it has a good chance of getting established. I`ve tried for two years to get one to grow and flower. Third time may be the charm. Again ,this is in the area that incurred the most flood damage.

I found this Scarlet Sage fighting for space with the Black-eyed Susans.

A flowering Color Guard Yucca for the new large glazed pot in the front bed.

Check back soon for another post on the results of seed scattering in the gardens and meadows. Sometimes you lose, but sometimes you win!


  1. Randy you have some great varieties of coreopsis and rudbeckia. I love seeing flowers new to me.

  2. This purple Coreopsis is a new one on me. The Rudbeckia here is a variety Hirta pulcherima, Pine woods Rudbeckia. I`m identifying more and more coneflowers in the area so there will more to come being introduced into my gardens or at least the attempt will be made. Thanks for stopping in.